Home of President Jefferson Davis ~ Built in 1810

In the late 1830's Lucinda Davis Stamps and her husband, William Stamps, moved back to the Davis family home to live there with the elderly Jane Cook Davis. They lived at Rosemont until their deaths in 1873 and 1878.

During the lives of Mr. and Mrs. Stamps, their daughter Anna Aurelia Farish, and her husband Claiborne Farish they lived at Rosemont. Their daughter Lucy married a neighboring planter's son by the name of Tom Bradford and lived nearby until Lucy's untimely death at a very early age. Their children then lived with the Farish grandparents until 1896 when Anna Stamps Farish died and Rosemont was sold.

The Davis, Stamps, and Farish families lived at Rosemont for 85 years. Their family cemetery is adjacent to the main house where five generations of the family are buried.

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