Home of President Jefferson Davis ~ Built in 1810

Samuel Davis, Jefferson's father died on a trip to the older son's plantation home named 'Hurricane' in 1824. He was buried in the cemetery at Hurricane.

Jane Davis lived as a widow at Rosemont for the remainder of her life. She died at Rosemont in 1845 and is buried in the cemetery on the grounds of Rosemont - as are approximately 25 other members of the Davis family. She was 84 years old at her death and before her passing; she was confirmed into the Episcopal Church at Rosemont by Bishop-General Leonidas Polk who was a close friend of her son Jefferson. All of the Davis family were members of St. Paul's Episcopal Church. This church was built in 1824 and is in Woodville, about a mile from Rosemont.

Young Jefferson was sent to school in Kentucky at a young age, but returned to Rosemont and later to Washington, Mississippi to complete his elementary education. He was later to attend Transylvania University in Kentucky and West Point Military Academy. At this same time, his two young nieces lived with his mother at Rosemont. Their mother, Mary Ellen Davis married a Robert Davis (no relation) and this young couple both died young and left their children in the care of Jane Cook Davis. The girls were like sisters to young Jefferson. One of the girls, Ellen Mary married a Mr. Anderson and the other girl Lucinda, married a Hazelwood Farish. His brother, Claiborne Farish married another niece of Jefferson's - Anna Aurelia Stamps.

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