Home of President Jefferson Davis ~ Built in 1810

Davis family genealogy services available at Rosemont Plantation. See if you are related to Jefferson Davis.

All members of The Descendants of Samuel and Jane Cook Davis Inc. generally known as the Davis Family Association or DFA must be recognized as bona fide descendants. The genealogy of the descendants is maintained by Mr. Ernesto Caldeira at Rosemont Plantation. Currently there are over 3500 descendants in our files spanning twelve generations. Please send as much information as you have about your ancestors and their connection to Samuel and Jane Davis. Any form you have it in is fine. Do not send original materials but send copies . For the first generations of the family you might consult the appendix of Volume IV of The Papers of Jefferson Davis where you will find charts for the children and grandchildren of Samuel and Jane Davis as prepared by Mr. Caldeira. If possible please make a connection to one of those individuals.

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